Housing Visions Consultants, Inc.

Housing Visions Development Group, Inc.

Other cities soon took notice of the quality of work and the  neighborhood change that was occurring. Knowing that majority membership from  the community could not continue when expanding into other neighborhoods,  Housing Visions Development Group, Inc. and Housing Visions Consultants, Inc.  were formed.

Neighborhood representation was achieved by partnering with  local neighborhood organizations that were interested in improving the quality  of housing and the quality of life in their communities. Each partnership is  unique to the specific project, merging the abilities and the dedication of  those involved to bring about a long lasting revitalization. The neighborhood  revitalization model created by Housing Visions Unlimited, Inc. continues to be  used on each project.

The Housing Visions Development Group, Inc. Board  of Directors and the Housing Visions Consultants, Inc. Board of Directors  include business leaders with various backgrounds. The staff of Housing Visions  Unlimited, Inc. performs the consulting, development, and property management  functions for each of these companies.