About Us

Housing Visions purchases, develops, and consults on projects; substantially rehabilitates or newly constructs homes; and performs property management. Specializing in creating complex deal structures and accessing complex financing, we have successfully rehabilitated a number of buildings, including some that are eligible to be listed on the National Register, and have received NYS Preservation awards.

Housing Visions serves low- to moderate-income households including special populations such as veterans, physically disabled, developmentally disabled, survivors of domestic violence, and the homeless.

Our neighborhood revitalization solution is provided through four channels:

Providing shape and direction to new and existing projects, we give you the benefit of our expertise in Planning, Negotiation, Development and Design, Advice and Management.

As a full-service, in-house construction company, acting as general contractor with expertise that spans the entire life cycle of construction, we have the knowledge and experience to provide high-level, quality services while meeting the specific needs of each project.

Property  Management
Dedicated and experienced staff provide personalized, friendly customer service to each family through a range of activities, including leasing, rent collection, compliance, and working closely with our Maintenance and Groundskeeping team to ensure project preservation.

We encourage our residents to participate in their neighborhoods by networking and participating in resident organizations and trainings that lead to future home ownership, resulting in a commitment to the ongoing renewal and growth of the community.

Visions for Change
We create and foster a diverse and sustainable community where individuals can rely on one another to find solutions to end poverty.