Property Management

Sustaining the Revitalization

Housing Visions knows what it takes to manage a complex portfolio and they do it with quality, responsibility, integrity and compassion. Housing Visions manages nearly 1,000 units of quality affordable housing that have a variety of funding sources and compliance regulations. Our current portfolio includes rehabilitated and new urban properties, historic buildings and both small and large apartment communities.

Our Property Management team takes great pride in housing residents in attractive, safe, affordable housing. We are committed to continuing the positive change to the neighborhoods as well as managing physically and fiscally sound properties. It’s easy to stay motivated when we see firsthand the lives that are transformed.

Housing Visions is an Accredited Management Organization®. This designation is awarded by the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) to those firms nationwide that fulfill strict requirements in the areas insurance, experience, strong leadership, integrity, and fiscal stability.

People want quality housing, safe streets, good schools, convenient stores and clean parks…a real sense of community. We offer a comprehensive plan that unites residents around the common cause of revitalizing their neighborhood.