Choosing To Thrive

Transforming Lives

Poverty creates severe financial hardship for communities, states and our nation. According to testimony to Congress by the Center for American Progress, our nation spends 500 billion dollars each year on the fallout from children raised in poverty.

Housing Visions uses Choosing to Thrive to further its mission of improving quality of life. It is the value-add to sustaining neighborhood revitalization. This high impact strategy creates the framework for people in our community to build intentional relationships across classes and cultures for the purpose of creating prosperity and transforming communities. Choosing To Thrive provides a powerful new approach to help individuals and families out of poverty and increase the number of economically stable households in every community.

The Choosing To Thrive initiative focuses on eliminating poverty in our lifetime. Many individual and community successes have taken place in the neighborhoods where we live, work and play. We are excited about this proven approach that allows participants to pursue goals, maintain stable housing, overcome barriers to success, achieve self-sufficiency, and improve overall quality of life. Choosing To Thrive is a unique and practical strategy that delivers results.

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Sustainable neighborhood revitalization not only focuses on physical change and improvements but also delivers the plans, tools and support that permanently improve the socioeconomic fabric of a community. Quality, accountability, human services and long-term community partnership highlight some of the unique points of our approach.