What We Offer

Our team of human service experts has extensive practical experience in a variety of fields and understands the complexities of repairing the socioeconomic fabric of a community. We offer the distinctive ability to encourage community understanding and connections, while the strategy employed helps create stable families, connected neighbors, engaged lives, and bright futures. We thrive to build relationships, openly communicate, create engagement and spur empowerment at all levels to end poverty.

Choosing To Thrive offers opportunities for people and communities to prosper. Networking occurs across classes and cultures, referrals to community resources are researched and provided, educational classes and workshops, one-on-one confidential supportive listening as well as events and activities that build community and strengthen community ties are held.

Individuals begin their journey with a 2-week curriculum. Each one becomes a Leader For Change (leaders) and works on his or her goals with the support of a circle of peers and volunteers. At the same time the community gathers with the Leaders as a group, working to break down barriers faced on their way to prosperity. This exponentially creates wealth for the community. Each Choosing To Thrive community is led by a Guiding Coalition comprised of members responsible for changing the mindset of our community on its view of poverty and to develop a plan that will eliminate the barriers that hold individuals in poverty.

Regardless of history, a clear vision for the future combined with real support can foster dramatic changes that lead to real success.