Ben Lockwood, Vice President of Business Development heads the Development team and is responsible for the planning and development of affordable housing projects including property acquisitions, budget preparation, finance, and public relations and outreach. Mr. Lockwood brings a strong knowledge of urban land use planning to Housing Visions. Formerly with the City of Syracuse Department of Community Development, he has an array of skills that enhance the Development Team. Ben is the primary contact with government officials, local partners, and other entities that participate in the development process. His intimate knowledge of government is key to navigating governmental policies and procedures throughout the cycle of a project. Ben’s work in the community building processes is valuable to developing quality, sustainable, neighborhood supported projects. By seeking various channels of funding, cultivating relationships, and building community partnerships, Ben is ensuring that Housing Visions will continue to serve its mission of neighborhood revitalization. Mr. Lockwood holds a degree in Urban and Regional Studies from Cornell University.