Salina Crossing


Job Number: 20126085
Location: Syracuse, NY
Architect: Holmes King Kallquist & Associates
Site Superintendent: Ken Woollacott
Project Manager: Jim Davidson
Buildings: 10
Units: 49
Job Status: Accepting Bids
Estimated Start Date: December 2014
Estimated Completion Date: October 2016

The Salina Crossing project is a mixed-use development that will strengthen neighborhood revitalization efforts in two distinct neighborhoods connected by Salina Street, a main thoroughfare that spans the Northside and Southside of Syracuse. By rehabilitating and rebuilding scattered sites in both of these neighborhoods, Salina Crossing will address unmet residential and commercial demand, tackle blighted and vacant properties, and improve the quality of life for residents and neighbors. The mixed-use development strengthens previous local investments by St. Joseph’s hospital on the Northside, where the hospital has invested more than $250 million in its campus and the immediate neighborhood; and by the Southside Community Coalition and the Syracuse University South Side Initiative Office.

Salina Crossing adds 49 housing units affordable to individuals and families earning between 30% and 50% of the Area Median Income. The special population served by this project will be persons with physical disability/ Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Both the Northside and Southside sites are traditional mixed-use areas where residents have easy, walkable access to commercial corridors. In keeping with the mixed-use history, Salina Crossing also provides 5,895 SF of affordable commercial space in two new mixed-use buildings. The commercial space on the Northside will be leased to St. Joseph’s Hospital as office space and the Southside space to Housing Visions for sub-leasing to community groups and small businesses.

Job Specific Documentation

Insurance Requirements & Sample Certificates
EEO Policy Statement
Monthly Employment Utilization
Davis Bacon Wage Determination
All documentation and reporting is considered part of the contract obligation, and is fully supported with trained Housing Visions staff. Please contact Jennifer Esterley, Housing Visions Construction Co., Inc., 315-472-3820, with any questions.


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