Walnut Avenue Homes

Job Number: 20136050
Location: Niagara Falls, NY
Architect: Passero Associates
Site Superintendent: Dave Perwitz
Project Manager: Jim Davidson
Buildings: 8
Units: 41
Job Status: Accepting Bids
Date Started: December 2014
Completion Date: November 2016

Walnut Avenue Homes is an innovative neighborhood revitalization development in the City of Niagara Falls.  This project will revitalize blighted and deteriorated properties along Walnut Ave., 5th Street, 6th Street and 7th Street, including a vacant school administrative building, and an underutilized warehouse building.  There will be 7 newly constructed buildings and 1 substantially rehabilitated building.  The substantially rehabilitated building is considered historic by the NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation.  We will be preserving a piece of history and neighborhood fabric that will help to maintain the street scape.  Additionally, Housing Visions has partnered with the YWCA of Niagara to provide 13 units of supportive housing for low income homeless women and their children.  Walnut Avenue Homes will fundamentally transform the distressed neighborhood on a large and comprehensive scale by eliminating blight and improving residents’ quality of life.

Housing Visions will support this comprehensive redevelopment with 41 units of quality affordable rental housing through the new construction and rehabilitation of 8 buildings.  The bedroom unit configuration within the 8 buildings will be (12) 1 Bedroom Units; (18) 2 Bedroom Units; and (11) 3 Bedroom Units.

All units will be constructed using green building practices and incorporating energy efficiency measures that adhere to EPA Energy Star Guidelines for New Homes and NYSERDA’s Energy Star Labeled Homes Program.  Housing Visions Construction Co., Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization and affiliate of Housing Visions, will act as the General Contractor for the project, ensuring high quality construction.

Walnut Avenue Homes will include an on-site management office, community space, computer lab, laundry facility, and washer and dryer hook ups are provided in all of the units and community kitchen.

Job Specific Documentation

Insurance Requirements & Sample Certificates
EEO Policy Statement
Monthly Employment Utilization
Davis Bacon Wage Determination


All documentation and reporting is considered part of the contract obligation, and is fully supported with trained Housing Visions staff. Please contact Jennifer Esterley, Housing Visions Construction Co., Inc., 315-472-3820, with any questions.


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