What We Offer

Full Service and Vertical Integration

Quality is our mantra. We aspire for excellence in ourselves and in those people we work with. Our Development team has extensive experience in real estate development and a proven record of successful project delivery. We draw upon our people – dedicated and diverse professionals who have technical expertise in project management and securing and layering complex funding sources.

Housing Visions has coordinated and implemented the investment of more than $200 million into neighborhoods in need. Professional Development services are provided by 1) managing conceptual designs, initial feasibility studies and the formulation of project options, 2) establishing a formal Development Proposal that matches financing with neighborhood needs, and 3) managing the construction process, establishing the appropriate safeguards for the achievement of desired outcomes of timely completion, purpose, safety, and costs. These services include:

  • Project identification, planning and design

  • Identifying and securing sources of funding

  • Property acquisition

  • Relocation services

  • Budget preparation

  • Establishment and monitoring of timetables

  • Hiring and supervising the Development Team

  • Regulations compliance

  • Obtaining zoning approvals

  • Contract negotiation

  • Construction monitoring

  • Recording keeping

  • Project close-out

While energy efficiency and green technology is now a fundamental component of our work, the neighborhood determines some of the other details such as density, architecture, special populations, parking, landscaping.

As a full-service company with expertise that spans the entire life cycle of development, we have the knowledge and experience to provide the high-level, quality services necessary to meet the specific needs of each project for a lifetime. Check out our Construction, Property Management, and Circles® services to get the whole picture.
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Housing Visions, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) agency, offers a talented team of developers, construction managers, property managers, and human services experts. Our commitment to vertical integration delivers independence, superior quality and complete control of project delivery.