Sheridan Avenue Homes


Location: Albany, New York
Buildings: 17
Units: 57                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Commercial Space: 7,300 sq. ft.
Project Cost:  $17.2 million
Completion: 2016
Target Population:  Six units are fully adaptable and accessible for person(s) with mobility impairments and three units are full accessible and adaptable for person(s) with hearing and/or vision imparirments.
Amenities: Community space, computer lab, washer/dryer hookups, central A/C, energy efficient appliances, on-site rental office, 24 hour maintenance
Partners: Habitat for Humanity Capital District

Sheridan Hollow Village is part of a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy to redevelop the Sheridan Hollow neighborhood into a mixed-use, mixed-income sustainable neighborhood revitalization endeavor with partnerships with Habitat for Humanity Capital District and the Touhey Home Ownership Foundation.  The partnership is sparking change by creating opportunities for affordable home ownership, quality rental housing, retail and commercial investments, streetscape improvements, enhance public safety and public park restoration.