Utica, NY

The City of Utica was impressed with the improvements Housing Visions was making to the Greater East Genesee Street Neighborhood in Syracuse and wanted the same for their Oneida Street neighborhood. A neighborhood association, Genesee Oneida Housing Opportunities, Inc. was formed and a partnership established to implement the Housing Visions Neighborhood Revitalization model.

Housing Visions’ revitalization efforts expanded to the Cornhill neighborhood when it was selected as the developer of the rental properties for the HOPE VI neighborhood revitalization plan. The Utica Municipal Housing Authority is the lead agency for the HOPE VI funding and is also coordinating single family home ownership opportunities and other neighborhood improvements.

More recently, Housing Visions has expanded into the west side of the City of Utica, working in collaboration with other agencies in need of quality housing.

The area has several beautifully restored large houses including some historic-eligible buildings and many newly constructed houses.
ProjectBldgsUnitsInvestmentYear Completed
Funding Partners
Genesee Crossing1333$8,983,9562014
LIHTC Equity, NYS HOME, City of Utica HOME
Kemble Square837$9,204,4782011
Rutger Manor1233$8,288,0582007
LIHTC Equity, HOPE VI loan, City of Utica HOME loan
Willow Commons515$3,521,2122006
Steuben Village1949$9,170,0742006
LIHTC Equity, HOPE VI loan
LIHTC Equity, NYS HTF, City of Utica HOME loan
Mayfield IV515$3,255,1682003
LIHTC Equity, NYS HTF, City of Utica HOME loan
Mayfield III616$2,357,9222000
LIHTC Equity, City of Utica HOME loan
Mayfield II717$2,031,6351999
LIHTC Equity, City of Utica HOME loan
Mayfield I823$2,253,1441998
LIHTC Equity, City of Utica loan
Utica Totals90265$54,164,542